Location Scouting

Filmmakers can expect to financially compensate government or individuals when shooting in many private or public locations. They should also be prepared for the handling of lots of paperwork and constant frustration. Often times official paperwork must be completed and ready sometimes months in advance of using a specific location.

Sometimes the expenses can be quite high when renting properties, almost high enough to heavily tap into the films entire budget. With cast members looking to get paid, crew members on the payroll, cleanup crews, and numerous others that play a part in the films creation, any particular film might experience setbacks.

Give Some Thought to Guerilla Style Shooting When On a Limited Film Production Budget

Filmmakers, must often ask themselves serious questions as to whether the high costing location is a necessity for the film or if it's something the film could do without? No matter how beautiful or right an location may seem, filmmakers on a small budget will often substitute for a lower cost location or try finding locations where filming can be done for free. Filmmakers refer to those beneficial free shooting locations as Guerilla style shooting. Many of those locations can be found right in and around Florida.

Guerilla style shooting is something that's often overlooked during location scouting. The smarter individuals in location management departments are much aware of those locations and often refer them. Guerilla style shooting locations can include garages, industrial parks, empty roadways, abandoned buildings, isolated gas stations, low trafficking convenience stores, parking lots, even alleys or regular parks and wildlife areas. Shooting on those types of properties without the necessary permission is still at your own risk. You'll want to make sure that the shoots can go smoothly as well as quickly. If any of the places have private security staffs do a few days of observation at locations so that on the day of the shoot there will be no surprises. You're just trying to get a few additional scenes for your film, not a few months or years behind bars.

Invest In a Generator or Shoot In the Bright Lights Locations

An investment in a generator would be ideal when planning to use many of the above locations especially if most of the films scenes will be shot at night. Do you really want to have to go through the trouble of asking to borrow power from nearby places? You might still have to pay money to borrow power. In some places like Florida, Las Vegas, New York, and Chicago a filmmaker can find lots of brightly lit neighborhoods and areas with enough light to shoot directly on the street without the use of a generator or having to borrow power.

If you've got an excellent script, an excellent crew with huge think tanks, and are open to doing things a little different during your shooting you can make the most of any location. The Blair Witch Project was shot in a forest type area with a very limited budget and it received unimaginable success. Other films such as Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre also received much success being shot in isolated locations with few people and limited budgets. Guerilla style shooting, although it takes much more planning could be the best thing that ever happened to your film. You can still have your amazing crash scenes and action scenes without going overboard.

Last thought, in the past two years there have been more than 20 films with huge stars within the cast filmed in the many of the most exotic, beautiful, yet quite expensive places that have had huge budgets to do so, but still bombed at the box office.

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